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Digital Marketing Certifications for Automotive General Managers

By Brian Pasch

I’m putting the finishing touches on my new book “Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing” and through the countless hours invested in this project, I came to a number of new and refined observations. With over 300+ pages of instruction, strategy, and reference guides I am confident that this book is going to be released at the perfect time for our industry.

As franchise auto dealers have become more comfortable with the notion that digital marketing must be a part of their sales strategy, some dealers have created the position of Digital Marketing Manager (DMM) in their dealership.

The irony of this decision is that for many General Managers, they don’t know enough about digital marketing to create a job description, develop a pay plan, and/or inspect the work that the DMM completes each month.

In order for the US automotive industry to grow and leverage the many new opportunities to grow profits using digital and social media, we need to get our General Managers out to digital marketing continuing education classes.  I’m not talking about attending a few workshops at a conference; those are very valuable.  What I am referring to is a structured curriculum with testing; something that is truly needed in my opinion.

With the proper structure, General Managers can become more knowledgeable and more comfortable with the investments that their dealership needs to make in order to connect with online shoppers.  General Managers can inspect all other areas of their P&L, but many cannot inspect their digital marketing analytics, reports, and identify the new Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for their business.

General Manager Digital Certifications

pcg-education-trainingToday, I am excited to announce that PCG has developed a General Manager training curriculum to accompany my new book. Starting in June, we will be offering a limited number of General Managers the opportunity to participate in our classes to achieve the GM Digital Marketing Certification.

The goal of the program is to empower General Managers to be able to collaborate, inspect, and improve their digital marketing and social media investments.

The automotive industry needs more General Managers can truly lead and manage their digital marketing team with confidence!

General Managers who pass the certification tests will be able to have more meaningful conversations with their vendor partners, their Digital Marketing Manager (DMM), and their entire organization.  General Managers who want to lead their dealership in the digital age, will make the commitment to achieve at least GM Digital Marketing Certification, Level 1.

The first GM Digital Marketing Certification Level 1, will require two days out of the dealership, and additional hours of online and self-study activities. Members of the program will be required to complete and pass a test, based on the classroom and self-study content, in order to receive certification.

The second certification program, Level 2, is for General Managers that want a higher level of training.   General Managers must pass the Level 1 certification exam, before registering for this program.

PCG is only looking for candidates that are serious about a strong classroom learning experience, testing, and quality education.


GM Digital Marketing Certification Details

sheraton-eatontownWe will hold the first classes in June 2014; mid-month to avoid conflicts. The classroom size will be limited to 20 General Managers. We know that demand will outstrip supply, so be patient. We will be scheduling additional dates after the June kickoff is sold-out. 

The classes will be held at the Eatontown Sheraton Hotel, which is right across the street from the PCG corporate offices. Attendees should fly into Newark Airport (EWR) and Eatontown is 40 minutes south of the airport, so a rental car is recommended. Rooms are around $100 per night.

Eatontown is 10 minutes from the New Jersey shore, so General Managers who might consider bringing their family to the Jersey Shore, can consider staying on the beach at Ocean Place Resort and Spa, located in Long Branch. Rooms are more expensive at the oceanfront property.

General Managers who would like to apply for the program must be willing to commit to self-study before the classroom experience as well as participating in a 90-minute live webinar.  The program is ideal for GMs who consider themselves at the “entry-level” or “intermediate” knowledge level on digital marketing and social media should register. 

Reserve Your Seat – Only 20 Available

To register for the General Manager program, contact Carrie Hemphill at 908-601-6475 or email her at  The cost of the certification program is $1,495.  This includes all meals, materials, and classroom instruction.

Considering Investing in a Digital Marketing Manager?

data-analysisPCG will be announcing dates for additional classes and certifications for dealerships that want to create the role of a Digital Marketing Manager (DMM).  The DMM certification program will require significantly more classwork, and at home study.

The Automotive DMM certification will cover the entire content in my new 300+ page book “Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing“. The courses for the DMM will cover a 6 month period with three offsite classroom sessions. The candidates that pass this course will be digital aware and confident to lead your dealership’s digital strategy.

Some prerequisites will be required and all candidates for the DMM program must pass a basic digital competency test.  Carrie Hemphill is creating a list of candidates that would like more information the the DMM Certification Program, which will start in the Fall of 2014.

Please share this article with your peers and members of your 20 group.  This is a great investment to make in your dealership and your General Manager.



Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting



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