about pcg consulting

PCG Consulting is an industry-leading automotive lead handling, BDC training, and digital consulting firm that helps you build a smarter dealership. Our philosophy is simple: help car dealers become more efficient and profitable through staff training, process development and data analysis. Our team is your advisor and will help you navigate your current processes and vendors to become a better dealership.

We make it easier for you to simplify your decisions by providing you with easy to understand insights, analytics, and business recommendations. Our team consists of car people, digital marketers, and sales trainers, providing you with a diverse team of experts dedicated to helping you grow.

Our vendor neutral stance allows us to give you recommendations based on your needs, rather than restricting you to a single vendor or service group, and can determine the products and services that work together to produce the best results.

From a single rooftop dealership to a multi-brand dealership, PCG Consulting has achieved success both big and small, nationally and internationally.


Your Source of Information

Since 2006, the PCG companies have been leaders in the automotive digital marketing industry. The addition of PCG Consulting was to be able to provide dealers with a vendor neutral partner.

Because we do not sell websites, CRMs, or other products, we are able to offer unbiased opinions of all products and be your leading source for automotive vendor recommendations.

Our annual research for the Automotive Website Awards offers advanced insights on the latest and greatest technologies for car dealers and our on-going PCG Research reports provide dealers with independent research reports and include dealer reviews, feature summaries, performance testing, user interface examples, and usability data.

Education for All

Digital marketing is a quickly-evolving field. What worked last month may no longer work today. That’s why continuous education is important.

We believe that education should not have a one-size-fits-all approach. We offer various forms of education for all, whether you’re a client or not. For self education, we have several books published by PCG’s executives, free resources, and a blog. (Have you signed up for our newsletter yet?)

For more formal education, we offer courses that are designed on your role in the dealership and courses than are customized to your unique dealership.

And stay tuned – we’re getting ready to release a brand new way to educate yourself, right from the dealership!