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Kristen Chiarello

kristen-chiarelloKristen Chiarello began her career with PCG as a Project Manager/SEO Strategist. With the knowledge gained at PCG and her prior experience, she then moved on to PCG Consulting Inc. as a Business Strategist.

As a graduate of Rutgers University, she holds a Dual BA in Journalism/Mass Media and American Studies and a Communications minor, as well as a Masters Degree in Human Resources/Relations from the University of Oklahoma.

After college, Kristen had the opportunity to live and work in many different states, including Virginia, Texas, North Carolina and Florida, giving her perspectives on the unique differences in local communities and cultures.

Originally from New Jersey, she has settled back home, but absolutely loves traveling out to see clients to work with them and teach hands on and to continue to see and experience new places throughout the country.

Kristen’s past jobs include creating numerous PR and marketing campaigns, events, and communications for organizations such as the Marine Corps Marathon and Lockheed Martin.

Currently, she is working hard to bring an outside perspective, help dealers keep aware of and make sense of trends in digital marketing as well as working with them to put together a plan to best mange day to day operations. The knowledge share comes from leaders in the industry and her personal experience.

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