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End Digital Marketing Deception

It’s time to call digital “BS” on some vendors. Learn about the digital marketing deception going on in the industry.

PCG Research Releases First Research Report

PCG Research, the newest division of PCG Consulting, is pleased to announce its first research report based on The Next Up!

Juice up Your CRM on HGH

Not too long ago I wrote about how your CRM Sucks without a clear process and accountability. Today, I want to address one way your CRM won’t suck. I have heard it said that a CRM is a salesperson’s personal […]

Creating a PPC Campaign in Six Easy Steps

Are you a small business relying solely on SEO to bring traffic to your website? If so, you could be missing out on a massive opportunity to get more eyes on your business online. When included as a part of […]

Did My Potential Employer See That?

Recently, we have interviewing candidates to join our team due to our growth. This is great news for us, and I am really looking forward to meeting some of the final candidates. I have written some articles in the past about […]

The Power of Process: How to Sell More with Less

Anyone that has ever been around me knows that I am a very process driven individual. As an F&I manager years ago, I was taught to offer 100% of my products, to 100% of my customers, 100% of the time. What […]

Traits of Highly Successful First Responses: Part Two

In part one of this blog post, I talked about the importance of first impressions and how to use them to stand out amongst your competition. Now, I’m going to dive into the three traits to possess in order to increase […]

Is Your Business Protected from the Unexpected?

What happens when the one person who has complete access to all of your business accounts left your company? Think about it – if you’re in an industry like digital marketing, you probably have dozens of accounts that require a login to gain access: […]

The Risk of Losing a Deal

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a prospective customer. I was taken aback by a few things he said, one of which was, “It sounds like you are trying to convince me not to take your services. You […]

Are You Waiting for Leprechauns to Track Data for Your Website?

I have been working in digital marketing for many years and consulting directly with automotive dealers for over four years now. To this day, I am still caught off guard when I begin to gather the information needed to begin […]