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Should Your Business be Concerned About Online Reviews?

Should your business be concerned about online reviews circulating the Internet? The answer is yes. Keep reading to learn why!

FordDirect Selects ELEAD1ONE As Exclusive CRM Platform For Dealers

ELEAD1ONE secures an exclusive CRM contract with Ford dealers in the United States through Ford Direct. Dealers will have enhanced features and functionality through this new partnership.

A Training Lesson from 10-Year-Old Pitchers

Lessons from coaching kids baseball can be used when training an auto dealership’s team. Keep reading to learn how!

Are You Wearing Too Many Hats?

Do you find yourself wearing “too many hats” at your dealership? You’re not alone. Learn the problem with balancing too many positions and some solutions.

Cleaning up Your Email Marketing List

Not having proper email addresses could seriously hurt your email marketing efforts. Learn three tips from PCG on how to get good, clean data.

[Infographic] Breaking Tradition: Why Digital Marketing?

Marketing isn’t exactly what it used to be. Companies are turning from more traditional tactics like direct mail, to campaigns that reach their customers’ computer screens and smartphones. That’s right, we’re talking about digital marketing. Digital marketing isn’t going anywhere. […]

PCG Google Analytics Course Preview – Creating Segments For Dealer.com Websites

PCG is very excited to launch the most comprehensive online training for automotive professionals who want to learn Google Analytics. Our Google Analytics course has over 35 learning modules that cover all the most important aspects of Google Analytics as it […]

Video Remarketing on YouTube: Why It Works

Consumers are now 27 times more likely to click through online video ads than standard banners. Learn how to use this advertising strategy for business.

The Myth of Time Management

Productive people usually focus on two sections: important/urgent and important/not urgent. How do you approach time management?

End Digital Marketing Deception

It’s time to call digital “BS” on some vendors. Learn about the digital marketing deception going on in the industry.