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February 18, 2013 (Eatontown, NJ) – PCG Consulting announced today that Dominion Dealer Solutions’ new DMS platform, DominionDMX, was one of six products at the 2013 NADA Convention recognized with a PCG Spotlight Award.  The 2013 NADA Convention was the first time dealers could learn more about the new platform, which is in a limited rollout in 2013.  Dominion Dealer Solutions expects the software to be in general release in 2014.

Dominion Dealer Solutions and Microsoft have partnered to make things easier at your dealership and for your customers, your employees, and your partners.  There are over a dozen DMS platforms used by car dealers.  The introduction of DominionDMX gives dealers more choices on platforms that provide world-class features, proven ERP functionality, deep analytics, and open integration standards.

DominionDMX was selected for its potential to disrupt the DMS marketplace and provide more updated, robust software tools for dealers.  The potential to make DMS integration with third party solutions simple, flexible, and cost effective has many vendors in the industry hoping that DominionDMX will be a hit with dealers.

Dominion Dealer Solutions brings years of experience in automotive retail and a full circle of solutions to this entirely new DMS. Best of all – DominionDMX is built on Microsoft technology, so you and your employees already know how to use it.  When our team saw that product at the NADA Convention, the interface was familiar and intuitive.

DominionDMX is an integration-friendly, ERP-based Dealer Management System with data the dealer can  control. It has everything dealers need to support their business in the way they work right now.

In addition to the family of Dominion Dealer Solutions products, they have prepared fully-integrated modules in three key areas:

  • Desking, Finance & Insurance extends DominionDMX to a paperless, mobile, self-service, Desking and F&I solution
  • Digital Contracting and Deal Jacket includes electronic consumer contract presentation and enterprise document management
  • Managed IT Infrastructure brings integrated Microsoft email, instant messaging, portals, telephony and systems management to the table

DomionDMX is based on industry standard cloud-based technologies backed with a long-term R&D investment.  We congratulate the design and engineering teams behind DominionDMX on being recognized this year with a PCG Spotlight Award.

To learn more about DominionDMX, visit their website: DominionDMX

Video Interview at NADA Convention