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Let our talented team of consultants help you create the processes, standards, and reporting tools necessary to run your business more effectively. PCG Consulting puts you in the driver’s seat to maximizing the ROI of your marketing and human capital investments.

Digital Audit

What’s the ROI of your traditional media vs your digital adverting? Which vendors are bringing you the greatest results? If you don’t know the answer to these questions, you could be wasting thousands of dollars every month. PCG Consulting will analyze your marketing spend to make sure that you are allocating your money wisely and getting the highest rate of return. Our comprehensive analysis can show you hidden costs and opportunities you may not have been aware of in the past to help you make smarter marketing decisions.

Lead Handling

Your business development center and Internet departments are the lifeblood of your digital sales force. Evaluating and enhancing the processes of this unit can have a drastic impact on your bottom line, without major investments in human capital or infrastructure. PCG Consulting can help you build high producing BDC and Internet Departments that consistently converts more leads for your dealership.

Digital Tutor

Implementing targeted marketing campaigns is only half the problem. You need to analyze and refine your results to continue to improve. Our philosophy is that you cannot fix what you do not know and therefore our consultants put the necessary elements in place to make sure you can accurately measure the success of all of your digital marketing efforts, including but not limited to SEO, SEM, Social Media, BDC/Internet Performance, and then help translate them into actionable insights for you.

Internet Prospecting & Marketing Training

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